by | Apr 18, 2020 | PARENTING

Mama look B’loony is smiling

Don’t you just love it when your little ones use their imagination? I know I do. My little one is creative and I hope she never loses it. She is also very witty which I think isn’t a bad trait to have.

She gets jokes when other kids take a minute to. She will come up with songs and the amazing part,for a 4yo she has tune. And she will change around a song to make it funny.

At childcare the other day they celebrated her teachers birthdy and had balloons. When I picked up she says to me,”mama meet B’loony my friend.” She has never watched Winnie the poo and somehow has come up with her friend. 2 days later she is playing with B’loony and taking ‘her’ everywhere.

It made us think of Wilson. Remember Tom Hanks friend from Castaway. We showed her Wilson and now B’loony is Wilson’s cousin hahaha.

Photo credit: Pinterest

I think it is good to encourage them to use their imagination and be creative. You will be amazed with what they come up with.

Stay safe during this pandemic.