Work hard, play harder

Sep 29, 2021 | PARENTING

So I often get asked by most of my friends and clients how it is that I am always out and about even after a day at work I still have time and energy to do all I do. Yes I love nice things. Who doesn’t? I love to travel. Who doesn’t? I love to eat out now and again. Who doesn’t? I make time in my busy schedule.

My moto in life is WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER! 

Here’s the thing, I work really hard to provide for my babies. Being a single mum aint easy. Yes single mum, the whole blended family didn’t work out. That’s a story for another day.

As I was saying, being a single mum aint easy but I fall in the bracket of those hard working mothers who make sure their kids get everything they want within reason. I get no child support either,so its all my hard earned money. With me working my skinny arse off so much,I make sure that I play hard too.

The only time I actually have rest is at night when I finally put my head down and to be quite honest some days my mind is still working at a million miles an hour while I am trying to sleep haha. I am still planning tomorrow and the school holidays coming, the kids activities of the week and all the parent teacher meetings which I don’t always make. Doctor’s appointment and play dates. Hunni, I always say “Rest is for the dead” hahahahaha. 


I make sure that I make time for my babies. Yes somedays may feel like I do not have enough hours in a day but the kids remember the small things. Be it sitting there in our pyjamas watching a movie, a walk in the bush or a birthday slumber party. Its those moments I live for. It’s those moments that count. They understand why I work so hard and they also know that they are my priority. So we work hard and make sure when we play, we do that harder.

I always like to plan ahead. I know COVID hasn’t always made it easy I mean I have had to cancel an overseas trip last year and even a few interstate ones but, I don’t let that stop us. You don’t need to go far to have fun. You are the creater of your own happiness and that of your kids.


After a long day at work and school, we take the dog for a walk and they ride their bikes, or scooters.


Come on guys, a girl’s gotta have some fun. What do you do for fun? I am that person who will try new things, to some degree of course and not everything. I will go hiking up Mt Kilimanjaro for fun and fitness (thats on my bucket list) I have contemplated sky diving, haha the jury’s still out on that one. But like I said, I will try new things and enjoy my life. Life is too short and like we have all been experiencing the last year and a bit with COVID 19, anything can happen. So I figured, what’s the point in WORK,WORK,WORK and not enjoy the fruits of my labour and PLAY, PLAY, PLAY.

This mama is living for her babies and herself. 

What’s your moto in life? Mine is WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER. Start living for you and your loved ones. Stop stressing over what trolls say about you on social media. As my 8 and 6 year olds always say to me, “it’s their opinion of you and not facts”. You know what and who you are. They are entitled to their opinion. So go out and live your life.