Flooded: Mother Nature’s quarantine

Jan 10, 2022 | PARENTING

This photo is of my town Maryborough, Queensland Australia. I did not take this photo personally so credit to the person who did. This was taken yesterday 9th January 2022.

Why am I posting photos of a flood? Well our little town falls victim to floods every few years. The biggest flood ever recorded was in the 1800s. Someone once told me geographically this town is literally in a hole. Well we see it whenever the Mary river is super full. What I love is we are forewarned. As soon as the town down south start filling up we know sometimes its a matter of hours before our town copes it.

So what do people do when they are marooned in a surbub with no way in or out? I have seen so many people come together and help each other out. Some people have lost their homes, belonging and going on Facebook I see people putting together stuff to donate. During times of hardship, it’s always good to see people get along, with what we have seen the whole world go through, another natural disaster can either make or break peple.

That bridge is the one that cuts my surbub off. We have no way to get into town, to go to work and thank goodness it’s school holidays because we would be having the kids stressing about getting to school too. The only thing everyone can do at this stage is to walk down to the bridge and see how high the water is, what’s been washed up and also chat with other locals. On an plus we learning a lot about our own neighbours. We head down, grab a coffee at the local shop (thank goodness we able to get that) and then we stand there chinwagging, hopeful that this too shall pass soon.

This morning after my walk with the kids, I walked past a couple of campers who got stuck here trying to make their way home down south. I tried to imagine what it would be like, stuck in unknown territory with kids. Even though they have their camper and some stuff, eventually they run out as this is unexpected for them. Meanwhile, for some of us locals, we know what it’s like to be stuck here during a flood. Have our candle ready incase we lose power. Make sure the torches all have batteries. Have water storage incase they have to shut the water system because the pipes are busted and above all, have enough food supply to last atleast one week. 

It does not take much to share a loaf of some of that extra bread, extra tinned beans and longlife milk so that the families caught off guard have something.


In some cultures, sharing a plate of food is welcoming. Where we can, we have managed to do that. Some people don’t handle stress well so just sitting down with them and having a cuppa goes a long way. 

Let’s talk cabin fever. I mean this is mother nature’s way of quarantining us as well.  It’s only been day 3 since we were cut off. So we have gone on regular walks to check on the water levels. The kids have their video games but obviously I don’t like them on video games all the times so we playing card games, board games and arts and crafts. Have you ever played Mancala? It is almost similar to a Zimababwean game Tsoro that I used to play. I love how nomatter where you go in the world, some games are similar.

Yesterday I was playing chess with my 8yo and he beat me haha. He loves that game. He is constantly telling me how it’s such a strategic game. I love how his mind works. He has ASD and honestly I feel I learn more from him than he does from me hahaha.

Playing the games has been relaxing but I have also found the kids feel like they spending more time with me. I haven’t had to rush out to go to work. I am paying more attention to their needs. We are enjoying the time we have together. Though I will be honest sometimes their fighting drives me insane. Can I get an Amen parents haha.



Have you ever been marooned on an island? It’s scary. The way we cut off, we literally on an island. 

How do you get through this? Emotional, spiritual and at some stage financial support is paramount otherwise, thats when people start getting nasty at each other.

Patience is very important, patience with those helping, patience with the situation and those around us.We just have to stand by each other and not attack each other.


Stay safe