by | Apr 3, 2020 | PARENTING

Down under the kids have gone back to school. I have had a few people asking how I feel about that.

Well I love the fact that they get to go back and be around their peers mainly because they were as affected as we all were. You hear talks of possible divorces and break ups due to the COVID19 but the kids would have been getting frustrated too. When we the parents are frustrated sometimes we often let it out on them too. Besides the fact that they miss their mates.

Now in our household, we had 5 kids homeschooling. The older one wasn’t an issue as she was self sufficient. However, the other 4, well lets just say the 10 weeks i had the kids home had me appreciating all the work school teachers do. I will be sending a bottle of Jack Daniels to my kids teachers at the end of the year haha. It took a lot of strength for me not to have an Irish coffee and be on my 3rd bottle of red by midday 😂. We pulled them out before lockdown so i guess by week 2 of term 2 back at school i was feeling like I was in over my head haha.

Deep in concetration


Try working with a strong willed 4.5yo who’s excuse of not doing what you ask her is, “I am little,I should be playing”. And having to figure out grade 3 maths thinking, “Holy cow I don’t remember my syllabus being this hard”.

Lil miss loves numbers


By week 3 I was getting the hang of it. I would have everything printed with each child’s name on it and on their desk. Oh I was winning.

Planning for the week
It’s been a week since they have been back but i have worked all week too so I didn’t get a break. My oldest suffered a bit of seperation anxiety which is to be expected but now he is super excited to go to school. They even went to bed easy for me tonight hence I had time to write this post.

Hope you all stay safe guys. The world we know is changing and our children are having to learn to live life differently.