Apr 24, 2017 | PARENTING

Modern day

Life in this modern day seems to be getting harder every year for most families. The number of times I have thought, ‘I wish I was young again and didn’t have to worry about life.’ If only. As children we do not realize what our parents go through to make our lives comfortable, have food on the table, a roof over our heads and clothes on our bodies. When you become an adult and start to understand what it takes to do all that, you begin to appreciate what your parents did for you. Now I do understand that not everyone has grown up in a home with parents that put the needs of their kids first. Some people had to grow up fast and learn to fend for themselves at a very young age. They then either grow up to shield their children and make sure they never have to face the same problems they did and some, it becomes a trend that goes from generation to generation. Then the world faced yet another global financial crisis around 2007 which according to economists was worse than the great depression in the 1930s. The modern households began to face issues they didn’t think they would. People lost their jobs and homes. In some countries it was worse. Some people could not afford to feed their families. The luxuries they enjoyed before were no longer easily accessible. There was a great surge of migration into the diaspora.

Making it work

 Not everyone managed to lend on his or her feet. To date there is a lot of people struggling. Then there is those people who try and make it work. Who doesn’t right? Our family falls in that category I think. Both parents working hard to make sure that their kids live a somewhat comfortable life. We aren’t always happy with decisions we have to make but we still want to be happy. I am not going to lie, I am only human and sometimes I get jealous of those around me who talk about the holiday they have been to, or the holiday they are planning and I am thinking, I am just grateful I managed to feed my kids this week. I am sure there is someone reading this and thinking, ‘yep that’s me.’ Sometimes I think its what you do about it that makes you feel better. There are so many ways to find cheaper ways to holiday and even for free. I love the occasional dinner out, movie with family or friends and a holiday getaway. But how do we manage when we have so many bills and debts that need to be paid, but still want our kids and us to be able to live life and let loose. For getaways and dinners or even a pampering here and there I turn to websites like Groupon, Cudo and Scoopon. I know there is many more out there but I always find myself trusting these sites and comfortable navigating around them.

What I like as well is that I can even get tickets to indoor play centers, the zoo or theme parks on special. I am one of those people constantly planning things ahead so I save up whatever change I have and keep an eye out for those specials so the kids can enjoy. Not long ago we went away on a weekend at a resort that would have cost us a fortune but because I found a bargain on Groupon, we grabbed the opportunity and the kids had so much fun. I love that even things like movie tickets can go on special and I will normally get them and when a new kids movie is out we surprise the kids and they don’t even have to know mama got it for a bargain.

Another thing I like to do is to pack up a picnic basket and just go for a drive to somewhere we don’t have to pay to enjoy. My go to website for sites to visit in Brisbane is This site will have from the pond next door the best hiking spot, beach, park, you name it, and it is there. This past weekend we took the kids to the Queensland Museum and that has become a favorite. Kupa has not stopped talking about the dinosaurs he saw.

He loved looking at the pictures of the solar system but his favorite was watching the praying mantis. Funny enough he is terrified of bugs but because these were behind a glass, he didn’t mind.

Little miss Nashe just loved running around the place. She was however fascinated by the birds in the display cabinets even though she kept trying to shoo them away.

Besides that she would just follow her brother everywhere. She is like is shadow. Wherever he goes she has to be there.

She will even fight him for the toy he has. Mama has started buying everything in doubles whether it is a boy toy or girl toy to avoid the fights. I am sure some of you can relate. I choose to pick my battles with them.


 You don’t have to be rich or to have money to be able take your children out. Be it be dinner, play or otherwise. Sometime you just have to look in the right places. Someone has been to that free exciting spot or there is a trusted site that has awesome bargains. All these can make you have quality family time and above all, the kids get to live a life of not worrying or envying others because they wish they could have had a holiday away or seen that movie everyone is talking about or to even meet up with friends at the theme parks. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice something for the happiness of your kids. I know I do that everyday of my life and seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing that I am the best once in a while is what keeps me going.