by | Jul 15, 2019 | PARENTING

Ever feel like you are constantly on a school break and need more stuff to entertain the kids? Sometimes I feel that way. I am not a big fan of the kids being in front of screens so I try to get them out.

So what did we do for this year’s winter holidays? We went away and boy did the kids love it. They kept calling the place I found on Airbnb, ‘the tree house’ because it was in a rain forest and pretty much looked like it was in the trees.

What i liked about this place was we hardly had any network so we managed to unplug a bit and that meant more family time. We learnt to play UNO and i love how its such an easy game to teach children as young as 5 if they understand.

We had a play with the dolls and tea parties while we were at it.

I think my son’s favorite part was when we played a bit of chess. His little mind is always looking for the next challenge.

Of course it cannot be a day well spent if we did not have a Pokemon battle.

Making sure we end each day by putting our babies to sleep. Sometimes I wake up to the little mum and her babies in my bed. The struggle is real haha.