Jun 3, 2021 | TRAVEL

Let’s face it mummas. There are times we just want to get away, regroup and then come back to our motherly duties. Can I get a ‘hell yes!’ Over the last few years we have heard people talk about mumcations or momcations depending on your spelling ofcourse cool.  It doesn’t mean you don’t like your mother role or your family or kids. It just means you are human and sometimes require a ‘me day’.

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A few months ago my friends/sisters and I started having these weekend getaways. Of course it started off as birthday celebrations and then we realised we actually liked the moments we spent together.  We get to get spoiled and not be the ones making the meals for the whole family. Don’t get me wrong, our husbands and partners do make meals at home mine does all the cooking but we just enjoy time to talk, laugh and cry together.



W e are women from different walks of life. We are mothers, wives and professionals but above all we are sisters. We may not be from the same mother and father but we share a lot. We have experienced a lot and with that it makes our bond beautiful.

This last mumcation we had was amazing. We got to stay indoors and the best part was having most services come to us starting with an in house visit from a massage therapist. That was amazing.

Those of you on the Sunshine coast she is amazing. Visit her website. Organise your mumcation or sistacation


I have a question for you beautiful queen reading this post. When was the last time you took a day or weekend away from your day to day life and just spent it with your friends. Laughing drinking eating?

Do you ever feel run down and drained, you need a break but always have an excuse? Maybe its time to stop doing that. Call your girlfriends. Text them snapchat whatever it is you do to contact them and organise something. It’s about time you actually did something with your friends. Look at it this way, life is too short and it’s not worth living it tired and miserable.


My friends and I live for these moments. The laughs. Our mini  mumcation was in a beautiful secluded area and as my friends like to call it ‘Snakeville’. The story behind the name is funny actually. After I told the girls I had organised a place for us which was nice and secluded they would not stop asking about snakes as they are terrified of snakes. Thats how we naked our mumcation ‘Snakeville’ just for laughs.

What’s a girls trip without food and wine right? We had the best lunch date that Saturday as we went to The Barrel at Clouds in Maleny. Perfect spot to sip on some wine with nibbles and with an amazing view. I will recommend you do the wine wine tasting as I guarantee you will walk away with all 4 bottles haha. We did and it was worth it.

The best part was we didn’t have to stress about rushing home to make dinner or to organise the kids. Our better halves had that sorted.


Our last night we had a concierge service come in and organise a 3 course meal for us. That was amazing. We just had to drink and eat as this was a relax, drink and eat vacation for us. Of course there was a bit of karaoke but if I posted those videos my girlfriends would kill me haha.

I will however highly recommend the concierge service Concierge Connect. Sandie is an amazing beautiful woman who just took care of our needs I have nothing but praise for her services. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.