School holidays continued

Jul 8, 2017 | PARENTING


eek two of school holidays commences and i am here sitting thinking what are we going to do this week. I have been working night shifts and I come home and do not get to sleep because I have little people waiting for mama to entertain them and do everything else a mother does for her babies. I barely get to sleep because Nashe is busy trying to lie next to me so she can have a feed as she is still breastfed. This is mainly for comfort and sometimes I think its just to make sure I am still available for a feed. Big brother Kupa comes to me every time he does something that is exciting and this is every time literally. At the end of the day I just carry on till night time when I can sleep.

On the days that i can drop Nashe off at daycare I get things for Kupa to do and aside from playing with his toys this whole week he has been asking me if he can do his numbers and writing. This is good especially the writing bit because he hates writing. So I would get this big pad i had made for them and I would just do some addition and subtraction for him to do and also get him to write some sentences. To show how much he has grown since the beginning of the year, he actually would do his writing for a good 40 to 45 minutes. He never used to last 10 minutes.


upa has always shown interest in academics and I have never pushed him but let him lead me basically. His father does the same too. When he doesn’t want to read or write we never force because then it may end up making him hate it. Instead when he asks to we jump on the opportunity and let him do what he wants.

Another thing we got to do this week was go to this event with snow. At about this time last year i came across an event called Snow4kids and the kids loved it. Manmade snow and they could slide, make snowmen and just enjoy playing in ‘snow’. I had totally forgotten about it until i received an email from the company about the event. We woke up to a downpour but someone was set on going so they had their raincoats,beanies and gumboots on and were ready to go.

They had so much fun sliding down the slope and all i kept getting was, “mama more please”. It was just so wonderful to see them have so much fun.

For the last few years Kupa has been asking to go to the snow and at least this was as close to snow that we could get them. Amazing how children do not need much to satisfy them. I am just grateful for Snow4kids for having such an awesome idea because now our children have something to enjoy during school holidays. Some children here in Queensland do not get to see snow so for them to experience this, it is amazing.I recommend parents to take their kids whenever this event is in town.