A day with Thomas the tank engine

Jul 12, 2017 | PARENTING


amily fun day 

Yes so it is second week of school holidays and I still have my little people at home. So what did we get up to this week? Mama worked as usual but still found time for her babies. An aunt asked me a question that made me stop and think for a while. Where do you get your energy from because you have such energetic kids and yet you go to work, come home and spend time with them, take them out for events and activities and still get to do you fancy cooking. I actually laughed and said I my energy bounces off from them. As long as they are up and about and those who know my kids will agree they do not stop, I am up and about too.I only rest once I know they are fully asleep.

We have always spoken about taking the children to the Thomas the tank engine workshop. As it was school holidays they had the workshop and museum open and so we took the kids for a tour. The kids love train rides and occasionally we take the train to the city so they can just enjoy the simple things in life. They had so much fun seeing Thomas. Nashe wanted to take him home because she is always going around the house with a train if she is not with her dolls.


laying with toy trains

They ran around the workshop yard playing tag and just enjoy the outdoors. 


e gave other kids rides who had no bikes

I would recommend going to the the Workshops Rail Museum for a fun day with the kids. Take some food for a nice picnic because you may spend a few hours with the kids enjoying the play. You can find information on he workshops on this site:http://www.theworkshops.qm.qld.gov.au/DayOutWithThomas#.WWSsKDOB0hs.  Happy holidaying.

Enjoying the steam engine.