Playground friendships

Jan 6, 2021 | PARENTING

Parents, have you ever wondered why it is that when we take our kids to the playground or park, the kids just get along so well even when they have just met? We can be at that park for hours and the kids become the bestest of friends yet its so difficult for us parents to even say hello to the other parent. Why is that?

We  actually sit there giving each other weird looks but rarely do we even say hello.  We are rasing these amazing innocent souls, who find it easy to love, like and interact with other children of their age. Why can’t we?

Is it because we have lost our innocence? I spoke to a friend about it the other day and she thought it was that. The moment we lose our innocence we become judgemental. We start to see difference in colour, age, size. Why does it have to be that way? 

My family and I were on holidays the other week and this place is basically kids galore. On one of the days my 5yo was approached by this beautiful little girl while we were sitting, to come and play. She was already playing with another girl so there ended up being these three 5yo girls following each other around. They were all of different race and backgrounds but they did not care about that. They just wanted to have fun.

I walked up to the mum of one of them as I couldn’t locate the other and had a chat. I am a big believer in interacting with parents of the kids my kids are playing with. Yes we live in a world full of predators. We tell our kids not to speak to strangers but when I see my kids playing with other kids. I make an effort to get to know the parents as my kids may be in close proximity with them. Kids innocently talk to parents of their ‘new’ friends. Some predators use kids to lure other kids. So my thiughts are, by chatting t the parents I can get a vibe on them and if my gut tells me something off about them, I do not encourage the kids to go to them. 

I am that parent who would rather meet the parents of my kids friends. Exchange numbers for those days they want play dates and sleepovers. There is nothing wrong with meeting the parents I think.

What are your thought?

What’s your parenting style?