Love them for who they are

Jun 7, 2017 | PARENTING


fter reading an article published about how a mother abused her baby daddy for getting his daughter’s hair plaited with cornrows, I thought I should share a little bit about my babies. The woman came across as racist. Why cant parents embrace their children’s genes. Whether those kids were made out of love or just a one-night stand, the moment you choose to raise them, love them and cherish them, I believe one should not look at the gene or race of the other parent.

As you know, my babies both are mixed and I love them for who they are and I love that they have Caucasian genes in them. I love the fact that their father loves the fact that their mother is black. I don’t care if everyone else does not like that but as long as us their parents love them for who they are then everyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter. As they grow up they will be subjected to scrutiny because there will always be that racist person amongst the good people, but for now we try to get them to know their roots.

I have braided my children from the age of about 20 months and they love it. My son Kupa had his hair braided for so long and would refuse to have his haircut. He would sit there and let me do it.

My daughter Nashe has had her hair done too and I find her looking in the mirror saying, “beautiful baby.”


f they love that part of their background why not have it done? I am sure that little girl liked how she looked and probably admired the other olive skinned little girls she saw with cornrows. If one can find that as ugly then i feel sorry for them.

Lets love one another no matter what race for we all bleed the same colour of blood no matter how we look on the outside