Joys of School: Head lice

Aug 15, 2018 | PARENTING

Ever since my kids started going to childcare one of my fears has always been of head lice. Funny enough when I had them in a family daycare they never, yes NEVER had that problem.


y oldest gets really dry scalp and gets very itchy. He was having one of his friends at school telling him he had lice every time he scratched so there I was checking his hair every single day. I had no idea what I was looking for and always thought if i see anything move then that’s it. My work mates told me to mix eucalyptus oil in water in a spray bottle and spray their hair every morning before they left. Unfortunately I was not doing it religiously and luckily they never had any until this week.

There I was combing through his hair and i saw a little sandy looking bug and another. The joys of school right. My kids are very affectionate and I assume that’s how he got the lice.


ell as soon as I saw the bugs i was at the chemist looking for their best product and that dreaded metal comb. I got onto the combing the night before and then used the shampoo first thing in the morning.

I stripped the beds including jammies and every toy they sleep with in their beds went into a hot wash. My little one loves to have at least 5 of her cuddly toys in her bed so that will be fun if they don’t dry up before bed tonight.

Talking to a few parents about these joys of school, they mention that some parents do not seem to care about the other children. They send their lice infested kids to school with no treatment. I understand it takes time but it only takes about half an hour or so. Imagine how long it takes for my kids with their very thick curls having that African gene in them. I still took my time to treat them both and even give warning to the school and childcare that they may have a case or more of head lice.

I think its just a duty as a parent to keep the bugs out. And also to save the classmates and friends. It also helps the kids stay comfortable. I cant imagine how annoying it is to be constantly scratching. Also just to teach our kids not to share things like school hats. Those little buggers hop from place to place that’s for sure

Lets bust those little buggers that are a product of the joys of school. Try ome of the proved products like I did.