Book week

Aug 25, 2018 | PARENTING


always listened to parents stressing about book week and I used to think, “Boy am i glad I’m not there yet.” This year I got there alright. Both kiddies (kidlets) as I like to call mine, had to dress up. For a first timer I wasn’t that prepared so I just went with whatever the local shops were selling. Big W is one of the major clothes shops here so there On was walking in and they had costumes right at the entrance.

Yes we always complain about advertising but tell you what, for busy working parents it is very handy. I managed to grab a couple of costumes for my tribe and boy am I glad I did because those who were doing last minute shopping couldn’t get any.

Another plus side of book week in my household is that my lil one has had me read the same 3 books for almost 4 months but after she dressed up as Goldilocks and they read the book at childcare, she makes me read that one.


ig brother on the other hand can read on his own and what he likes to read is for another post.

I am looking forward to more book weeks to come.