School lunches

by | Oct 3, 2018 | PARENTING

Making lunches for school can be a nightmare for some. Just the thought of what to put together can be a task on it’s own.

Having strong willed, fussy eating children makes it even tougher. You have to make the lunches fun enough for them to eat it all and enjoy it while at it.

I enjoy making sure my kiddies have a nice healthy lunch box for school. The rewarding part is when those lunch boxes come home empty. Dont get me wrong some times they come back with some food left over and I get the “I didn’t like it mama” excuse.

To make it exciting I also get them to tell me what they want in their lunch boxes. They will point out the “healthy” foods and snacks and then they tell me things like chocolate milk or milo bars or “sometimes” food.

Iadd notes to my kids lunches. My oldest can read and he comes home and tells me what his note of the day said. I like that idea because it reminds them I am thinking of them and how much I love them. My little one’s childcare even reads her her lunchbox notes.

On the downside some lunchboxes have started to come back home with no lids.