Sadza: Thermomix recipe

Oct 8, 2017 | RECIPES

Sadza served with steak and kidney stew and fried kale

I have had a few people approach me for the recipe i used to cook sadza in the thermomix.  Some of you may have seen the video i posted on my Facebook page. Because i winged it i have racked my brains to remember and so here it is



1/2 cup of mealie meal and used a little bit of cold water to make a paste.

I then added 1 litre boiling water. 100 deg on 3-4 on thermie cook for about 10 mins. •Once its starts boiling start adding mealie meal through the lid slowly with blades turning until it comes to a thick consistency you like. It may add up to about 3-4 cups depends on the amount of liquid added at the beginning guess

Let it sit for about 6-8 minutes 100deg on 2-3.

*Serve with stew of choice. I love to go the traditional offal way 🙂