by | Nov 28, 2019 | PARENTING

Do you ever sit there scrolling through social media pictures and wonder, ‘Do these people have kids?’ ‘How the hell do they manage to keep them houses spotless?’

Iask myself that every single time I see spotless houses. Heck I even have a cleaner come in every fortnight and within minutes of my minions running wild its like it never happened hahahahaha.

Who’s with me. Today I just wanted to write about my reality. Nomatter how much I try to have Insta worthy or Pinterest worthy photos it never happens. But I have learnt to accept my normal Insta worthy photos. Toys all over the floors, stuff on bench tops and tables. I can actually find stuff amongst my organised chaos.

I used to be the mum who would freak out everytime the kids left a mess of their toys, crumbs or anything all over the house. Then I had to learn to loosen up a bit. I guess you could say back then I was grasping for straws. I needed something I could control when I felt out of control so if it meant following the kids around with a dustpan and brush then it was something I had control over. I also wasnt in a happy place (story for another day).

Would you believe I now sit with my feet up and dont mind a little bit of mess? What important is happiness. Research has it that a happy mum means happy kids and I see that every single day. They feed off our emotions as mums.

I even go to bed and try not to let the few toys left on the floor bother me.

Ilove my reality. My Insta worthy life. Try it sometime. Its actually invigorating.