Raising Mia ‘Our miracle’

by | Jan 11, 2019 | PARENTING

1.Tell us a little about your family/children

I have 3 children- two boys 18 & 16 and my gorgeous 6 year old daughter, she’s my special needs baby.

2.What are the most challenging aspects as the parents of children with special needs?

Learning to be a different kinda mum. Kids are different naturally but add on special needs and HUGE difference.

3.What has been the most rewarding aspect?

Appreciating one day at a time. My daughter has been through horrible health issues which have scared us and so when she’s well absolutely NOTHING else matters!

4.What concerns do you have for your child’s future?

For my boys that the girls they marry may accept their sister as she is and learn to love her as well. For my daughter that she has a pain free life, I want her to live a happy life.

5.What things have you found to enjoy about having a child with special needs?

Joy in simple things, she got to roll over after the age of 5 and we celebrated, we celebrate milestones even a 300 gram weight gain.

6.What have you learnt through your child with special needs?

God has promised so much for her, I remember after she was born the Doctors said that she wouldn’t make it to her first birthday but I told them that God had already shown me our daughter at 3.

7.Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Not at all, as a mum that has two other kids who excel in school, socially and even in sporting activities I find it a privilege to go on this journey with my daughter. There are quite a number of different supports available as well.

8.How does having a child with a disability affect your other children?

The boys are fabulous with her sister, they love showing her off and in fact about a third of her social media followers are her brothers friends. They love her coming to their school for events and proudly push her wheelchair. Her brothers have said that having a disabled sister has made them more aware of people with special needs in public settings. It’s a good thing.

9.What advice would you give a mother who just discovered she is carrying a child with special needs?

Learn from your child an DON”T compare them to other children or siblings. They are special in every way and what a blessing to be a parent to one.


How has having a child with special needs affected your life i.e. financially and or emotionally?

Finances are affected especially if a parent becomes a Carer and leaves formal employment- that needs answers, should be a subject to be discussed by powers that be!

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