Nestle Cerelac

Oct 11, 2017 | FASHION + MAMA LOVES

So I know most Africans will relate to this. Most of us grew up on certain products and we have even tried to source even though we are in foreign countries for our children. One of those products is Cerelac.

If you weren’t lactose intolerant your parents would have fed you it. That Cerelac is so good that even as an adult you find yourself indulging in it.

So when I had my first child here in Australia I did one thing I know most mothers would have. Looked for Cerelac. I went to all the major supermarkets like Woolworths, Coles and Aldi. None of these stores sold it. I am so grateful for the people who have opened shops in this country to cater for us foreigners and our needs in terms of comfort food and products you can never get locally. Such shops like Springbok foods who’s website is cater for a lot of Southern African foods and so i started buying my Cerelac from them.

A few years later Nestle made Cerelac that was distributed in the local supermarkets.  Was it the same though? Heck No! It came in flavours and I will be honest my kids couldn’t even get used to it.

Australian Cerelac

So I continued buying the imported stuff I was used to. Question i have for Nestle though would be, if they have scouts out there who see what’s popular within their products why can’t they try and maximise that product. If they see a lot of the popular flavour of Cerelac being imported, why not make it locally and supply it?

I am sure those who can relate to this would agree that maybe there should be a wide range of Cerelac supplied especially the one we used to. It would make a lot of customers happy. This particular Cerelac is not only popular in Zimbabwe but i noticed that even if you went to Middle Eastern shops and other African shops you do find it on their shelves.

And just to add to some of the pecks of Nestle in Southern Africa we have the advantage of getting a supply of Cerevita which is like an adult version cereal. Nothing like Cerelac but just as good.