My grandmother: Mbuya vangu

Sep 13, 2020 | PARENTING

My grandma came to Australia over 7 years ago. My mum likes to tell her that, her living her life here is her enjoying her pension. If she had been back home she would have been comfortable yes, as she still has other kids there who would look after her, but her life would still be different. She may still be going out to the farm to help with the crop planting or crop harvesting as she still insists on doing that in mum’s backyard.


Her energy is just profound. Even as slow as she is now she will have her days planned out, wake up in the morning and let the dog out. Then do other stuff like make sure the chickens are fed before she goes about her day. Having these things to do on a daily basis gives her something to do. After all they say, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”When she is not in the garden she sits there knitting while enjoying Home and away or some movie on the local channels. 

Listening to her watching sport is the best part. She will be there telling the athletes off its hilarious. Serena Williams is her granddaughter she calls her and even the likes of Djokovic are her grandkids. Love my grandmother to death. The kids love her and will just go and chat even though half the time they speak so fast she cannot keep up with them.


I have been lucky enough to be able to raise my children with their grandmother and great grandma around. Its the best thing to have. They learn so much and about all, they learn the importance of family and what unconditional love really is. 

Everytime I go to mums, mbuya has dinner cooked for me . Now she knows I love my pumpkin leaves with peanut butter and she always makes it a point i have some if she has a crop growing. 

This woman has always been the rock in our family and I speak for everyone when I say she is an absolute champion, an angel and above all the best grandma one could ask for. I have memories as a child were we would visit the village and she would be running around making sure all the grandkids are well fed, happy and comfortable. She commanded such respect from everyone including the neighbours. She has a heart of gold and would give the last shirt on her back to that person struggling to make ends meet. She was a mother to many and not just biological but many people my mum and her siblings grew up with were happy to call her mother as she was just that, their mother.

That smile on her face is always there. Even after a crazy day when you walk in to that smile you feel the weight lifted and know that everything will be ok.


Mbuya vangu munhu anodadisa chaizvo. Mukadzi anotya Mwari and vakakomborerwa nemhuri inovada zvikuru.

Traslation: My grandmother is a woman to be proud of and she is blessed with a family that loves them so much.


Love you mbuya G