by | Oct 7, 2019 | PARENTING

After children most if not all mothers face the struggles of embracing the new them. We forget that these beautiful bodies we have, actually carried and nurtured beautiful little beings we call out children.

Iam one of those women who loses weight during pregnancy simply because I suffer from severe hyperemisis gravidarum and so everything just goes in and straight out. After my first child I was so eager to just eat everything and anything in sight so then became the journey towards weight gain. I pretty much put on almost 30kilos.

I learnt to embrace my mummy body and to love what my body had become. Unfortunately it doesn’t always go well because society and sometimes people in our lives get to the stage where they make you conscious of it and you just lose your self love.

I am sure there are a few ladies that can attest to that feeling where they feel unwanted, unloved because maybe they attempted to wear something sexy for their husband or partner only to be left feeling like they are worthless. It may seem like nothing but after carrying a child for 9 months and knowing your body aint what it used to be, a woman just needs to hear these few words, “you look beautiful.” They go a long way. It boosts her confidence and makes her love herself too.

For some women when they lose their self esteem and the love of themselves, they try all sorts of things to lose weight. Surgery, dietary supplements, all sorts of teas and working out. I will admit I have delved into anything i could afford to try and speed up the weight loss. Thinking if i looked small once again i could be loved and seen as beautiful.

One day, after a lot of self loathing I remembered the saying, ” if you cannot love yourself, who the hell will?” I had done a bit of boot camp, gone to the gym over the years and would always give up. I started to work out at home. I could not afford paying for gym membership as I had become a single mother. Every penny I had was either paying off some debt or paying off some debt hahaha. I started looking into all forms of exercises. What I could do for myself at home. I did not care if it took me a decade but slow and steady I knew I would get there.

This is how i started building my self esteem. I actually felt happy with my belly that most people would ask me when I was expecting even though I wasn’t pregnant. Had people ever heard of diastasis recti. Up until then I had no idea what it was too.

Ionce had a doctor tell me I had a hernia that was 4cm wide only to find out it was just abdominal muscle separation caused by pregnancy. I started doing research on what I could do to reduce the muscle separation and Incorporated the exercises into my daily workouts. I embraced my mummy body but at the same time I started enjoying the workouts. I had so much energy after working out I could even keep up with my very active kids. I even noticed that on the days I didn’t work out I was just so lethargic.

I started eating healthier. Cut down on some unhealthy habits (not too much on the wine though haha) and even got my children involved in the healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t just about weight loss anymore. It was just about a lifestyle. Where I could be happy in my mummy body and show my children that they were beautiful the way they were. They could still lead a healthy life and achieve whatever they wanted.

Weight loss is a journey. Being healthy is a lifestyle I believe one chooses to have. I am all about supporting what one wants to do with their life and living a happy life. Whether they choose to do it by exercising, playing sport and or dieting. As women I think we just have to be happy and comfortable in out mummy body. Those who shame others because of the way they look should be ashamed. You find many are quick to judge but do not know what impact it has on ones life.