Mothers instinct

The other day while i was at work, I got talking to one of my clients and our conversation was about kids. We started of with the pleasantries of the festivities then she asked me how the kids were. Like many mothers and fathers there I started talking about how I may be looking forward to them going back to school.

I love my kids at home but they easily get bored and I find that at least at school they have more to do and have their peers around as well. She then asked what I do with myself when i have a day off. He statement was, ” You always at work do you get time off? When you are off what do you do with yourself?”

I went on to explain that i do everything else that doesn’t get done after work like cleaning, laundry, putting away laundry, grocery shopping etc. Then i mentioned that some days when all that is done I almost don’t know what to do with myself. When the house is completely quiet I swear I sometimes hear my kids calling out or crying. Mamas who’s with me? I mean remember those showers you take and you are home alone but somehow you hear the bay crying. Or you have just gone to have a cat nap and you hear, ” muuummmyyy!”

My client found this fascinating as she doesn’t have kids and she said she has often heard mums say these things. I told her about how some nights when i am in bed with the ceiling fan on ( you know how those things can be loud), and the kids have their fans on or one of those industrial ones like the ones you get from Bunnings, I can hear my little one’s soft cries even if she is in her room upstairs, or my son who still gets nightmares. Some days I don’t even hear the cries but something in me just wakes me up and I feel I have to check on them and i find them crying. Mothers instinct she said. And she is right. Some people may not believe it exists but I think it does. Heck my mum has called me at some weird times when I really needed her and she would tell me she felt she just needed to call.

Would you say there is such thing as a mothers instinct? Mmmmm(thinking emoji)


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