Jan 13, 2018 | RECIPES

We are living in a world were everyone is looking for the next best thing to help improve their health. When i tried Kombucha i fell in love. I am not a coffee drinker and because I am a tea drinker it was perfect. I will be sharing the recipe I use to make mine



I glass drink dispenser ( make sure the tap is not metal on the inside that will kill the scoby)


1cup plain kombucha

4-5 tea bags i.e. black, green or white (I use green)

1 muslin cloth/ tea towel and rubber band

1 cup sugar

2 litters distilled/filtered water



Boil the water

Dissolve sugar in hot water

Steep the tea bags for about 10-15 minutes

Let the tea cool down ( if too warm or hot it can kill the scoby)

Add the tea to the glass dispenser and then add the1 cup of saved kombucha and SCOBY

Cover with cloth and secure with rubber band

Place on the kitchen bench top away from the sun

*Fermentation can be from 7-30 days. Depends on how sweet or bitter you like it.

*Second fermentation can be done after you drain some from the main source. You can add fresh or dried fruit or ginger to flavour it.

Every week I make a new batch a new SCOBY grows so now i have my healthy SCOBY hotels.

Happy fermenting and enjoy

*Note to diabetics: if you are going to enjoy this drink, watch your blood sugar levels. It may be sour/ bitter after fermentation but sugar is used in it. I learnt after my diabetic mum had hyper symptoms a little while after indulging in a few glasses only to discover her levels had gone up a bit. Otherwise still safe to drink but in moderation.