Elf on the shelf: Christmas traditions

Dec 19, 2017 | PARENTING

It is that time of the year that some of us love and some do not. Many people now have this belief that Christmas is a way to get people to spend money and for companies to make more money. Due to different beliefs some celebrate and some don’t. Every family has its own Christmas traditions. Some, like us, go to church in the morning and then have Christmas lunch or dinner.

Leading to Christmas there are families like mine that have gotten into the Elf on the shelf business. I first started the Elf on the shelf a couple of years ago because I found it cool and yes, I didn’t want to miss out on the fun.

So I started one of our our Christmas traditions. As the kids have gotten older especially my oldest, he is getting more into it now. Him and his sister wake up every morning looking forward to seeing what The elf has been up to. As lil miss is now at some stage of understanding I went and bought a second one so they would have more fun. Each year the elf’s name changes. Last year he was Elfie and this year his name is Clyde and he brought along his brother Cringle.

Iknow it is only for a short period of time but I would like my children to have some form of fantasy belief for as long as they can because they are only children once and then they have to live in the real world where real problems happen. So for now we do our Christmas tradition of the Elf on the shelf who can be cheeky and fun but also reports to Santa if the kids have been naughty or nice. Yes we believe in Santa. Last year we left Santa and Rudolf cookies and carrots and I even caught santa on camera delivering the presents. Amazing how there is an app for everything these days. Last year I used the app Capture the magic (http://web.capturethemagic.com ) to catch that moment.

We have enjoyed seeing what the elves have been up to this year and I am hoping to be doing this Christmas tradition of our for a few more years.

Happy holidays