by | Dec 12, 2019 | PARENTING

Hey mamas. What do you do with yourselves on your free time? For years all I did was be a partner, mum and employee. I did get to do my nails once in a while catch up with friends but never really had time to just do me. To unwind and do nothing.

Iwent through a lot and became a single mun. Had so much debt. Loans to pay, 2 mouths to feed and still keep my sanity. I would be online looking for answers. Ways to heal and everything I came across was, ‘love yourself first’.

I started dating myself. Breakfast, brunch, dinner, movies name it. Initially I used to get bored and feel lonely. That quickly passed when I realised how much I started to enjoy the peace.

I even started planning my days ahead. On my days off I drop the kids off at school and the day is mine to do whatever I please.

It can be a movie.

A massage.


Catching up with a friend.

Go on vacay

Best thing I did for myself. Up until a few months back I was working a lot. 3 jobs so I could be able to pay bills and and feed and clothe my kids. Well on one of the days after working a lot and barely sleeping because my kids have nightmares almost every night,I shut my eyes and for that split second behind the wheel, I nearly drove my car off the road. The only thing I could think of was my kids and how I would have left them motherless.

That day I stopped. I started to do me. And above all I just do my babies.

Its ok to have a day you just do you. Treat yourself once a week,a fortnight or a month. Don’t just wait for your birthday when sometimes noone even remembers. Do you boo.