Cherish them always…birthday celebrations

Sep 4, 2017 | PARENTING

Minions is the new thing so mama made a cake

The other day was my beautiful daughter’s birthday. She turned 2 though most days i fee like i have a 13 year old. She such a feisty, strong willed girl but to top if up she has the most beautiful kind heart. She even wants to wear makeup like mama.

​​Think of the movie Trolls when you think of her. The ‘hug time’ mainly. She lives her hugs and will hug even the kid she just met on the playground.

Hugs for a girl she likes from church

At the age of 2 she has captured our hearts for sure though this happened before she was even born. Her brother and protector is her mentor at this stage as she wants to do everything he does. Even when he is not around she immitates him and it is so adorable.

Wants to be like big bro

So for her birthday this year i thought she would be too young to remember it but wanted the kids to have fun and big brother chose Warner Brothers Movie world. As soon as we got off the car they bolted so excited to go on the rides. Ehat amazed me was how she knew her super heroes. She was screaming with excitement when she saw Batman and Superman. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get photos with them but she still got to have a few with some of the characters.

Up close with Catwoman

Supergirl you can get cuddles too 

Flash i bet you can’t catch me

Tmm think again Marilyn i take the ‘cute’ card

Sadly because she is still short she could not go on most rides and that broke her little heart because she wanted to go on the roller coaster with Kupa. Kupa on the other hand was having the time of his life. He got me to take him on the Rocketcoaster 3 times and his father twice. He was also heart broken because he wanted to go on the Superman ride and the Green lantern.

​Movie world was a hit though and I recommend it to everyone who wants to go with the kids and even as adults. Every time i have family around who just want to let loose and have fun I recommend the theme parks. Visit their website on . I am excited to go on the new roller coaster opening in October which is said to be the biggest the Southern Hemisphere as seen.