Celebrations: Birthdays

Aug 24, 2017 | PARENTING


his week was my birthday and I tend to be the one organising and celebrating everyone else and when mine comes i just can’t be bothered. I worked the night before my birthday so which meant i would probably spend my birthday asleep. For the last few weeks Kupa has been reminding me when my birthday was.


remember walking through the doors and got the ‘surprise!’ from the kids and they started singing for me. It was so beautiful. For a moment Nashe was just staring at me and her brother singing. I think she was probably thinking, “why are we singing for mama. Shouldn’t we be singing for us kids?” I know that’s what i would have been thinking.

I spent the day with her and dropped Kupa at school. All day she would come to me while I was dosing on the couch or something and she would be singing ‘happy birthday ‘ to me. Such beautiful moments. When we picked Kupa up from school he had coloured and wrote me a letter. Such beautiful souls they have.


am just so happy they are growing up and acknowledging small things like birthdays. Kupa was even sad when i walked in from working saying he was sorry he had no presents for me. I reminded him that the thought was what was important and I couldn’t ask for a better present than them. They are my God given present and i get to have them everyday.

A few family and friends did however keep reminding me that life is too short and though i think of everyone else i should also take time to celebrate my life. So that is exactly what i did and thankful for my family for taking time to celebrate with me.


elebrate life, yours and those you love because time flies and you look back and regret when you could have enjoyed.