Boys toileting

by | Nov 4, 2018 | PARENTING

Boy mums would you agree it’s a struggle to get them to aim right when they pee? My oldest has been well and truly toilet trained for years. The problem is he still pees all over the toilet seat and that doesn’t help much when you have a toddler girl and holds on to the seat when seating because then she touches the pee.

Ieven started telling him to sit instead of stand when using the toilet but we all know a man has gotta stand when he goes. For sure boys toileting is a struggle.

It’s not just with little ones around but even us mums. You wake up half asleep and need to go and if you are like me who need glasses to see everything you just go plonk on the seat because you can’t really see, you find yourself wet everytime. Now with this amazing idea boys toileting can be fun and hygienic for everyone.

So I was chatting with some friends the other day and one of which is a boy mum and has had issues with her boys toileting in the past she suggested something I would never have thought of. Placing a ping pong ball in the toilet bowl. Yes that’s right. These balls are so light they don’t even sink when you flash. Even after doing number 2.

Get the boys to aim for the ball every time they go to pee. If you have more than one boy (including dad haha) get them to draw faces or something fun or even different colours and they know their ball that they have to aim at. It’s amazing and since I started this, the wet toilet seat when my son is toileting has decreased. Some parents get stickers that they stick at the back of the toilet bowl and get the boys to aim for the stickers when the pee. Whatever works right? At the end of the day its whatever gives you a result go with that. Boys toileting can become fun after all.

Happy toileting