Beauty at it’s best

Sep 29, 2017 | PARENTING

Ilove both my children so much. Having a son as a first  child I thought I had it figured out. Then came along lil miss sunshine. She is a ray of sunshine for sure.

I was a tomboy growing. I loved kicking the ball in the streets. Climbing trees and making cars out of wire and empty polish tins. I only started wearing a bit of makeup in my late teens and even more so as an adult.

It’s never a dull moment with Nashe. Lately she cries for my lipgloss as early as 6am and giving it to her is the only way to calm her down.

Ihave seen movies with little girls who like to dress up and I used to wonder whether if I had a daughter she would do the same. Tell you what so far we are up to make up and mama’s shoes. If only we could freeze time. How they grow so fast. They tend to imitate everything we do. This is also why we should always watch what we say or do in front of them.

Ilook forward to dressing up in fairy and princess dresses with my little princess.