Baby wearing

Nov 30, 2017 | PARENTING

Ioften walk around carrying my kids on my back and for years many people asked me how i did it with just a towel. You can pretty much use anything you can wrap around you and the child you are carrying. That is a sarong, sheet, light blanket or bath sheet to name a few. Many people often say,”but i cant fit a towel around myself”. Tell you what you can use anything. 

 Baby wearing can be fun. Some may have concerns about the baby’s breathing when baby wearing especially when they are newborn. I found that i can actually feel their chest rise and fall against my back. The main thing also is to not tie too tight. If you are feeling the tightness against your chest then it may be uncomfortable for the child you are carrying.

This is simple really so I decided to make a video and show those who are wanting to learn how to do it. In my language (Shona) we call it ‘Kubereka’ or simply ‘Bhabhu.’

Those who know my kids will tell you that often when they just want to be close to mama they bring a towel and its often, “mama I want bhabhu”. I can do anything with a baby on my back. You could chase me and I would not even drop the baby and neither would you catch me.

I hope you find the Baby wearing video tutorial easy.