Afro hair

Aug 5, 2018 | FASHION + MAMA LOVES

The struggle with African hair is real. My babies being mixed they got the African textured hair so yes it’s real.


uckily for my son he gets haircuts, but little miss wants to have her beautiful princess hair. We go about buying all these hair products but I have come down to a couple products which are simple and cheap too.

I love coconut oil. It is a natural, chemical free product that you can use on anything. I used it on the kids skin and it helps enhance their beautiful olive skin as well. But mostly I use it on their hair. It’s amazing how a tablespoon alone can help soften those thick curls. I always do it soon after washing their hair and it makes it even easier. Just massage it in the hair and brush.
I often hear people say, “the same one you use in the kitchen” with that look of shock on their face. Yes that very same one. I buy one for the kitchen one for the hair and we all use it. It even helps repair damaged hair to some degree.
Try it. It’s one of our favorite products and you can just get it from the organic section in the supermarket.