May 13, 2021 | TRAVEL

When was the last time you had one of these? Be it with your husband, partner, life partner or better half? For us it had been a while. In between raising our blended family of 5 kids, working full time and trying to navigate life during COVID we just never had time. 

I tell you what though, if you can even if it is for one night, find time to spend time with each other. Let’s be honest, sometimes we can be in the same house but not be in the same mind space. I know sometimes my partner and I can be sitting on the same couch and I will be scrolling through social media on my phone  or watching some videos online and he will be playing his game on his phone. That can happen until bed and hardly any conversation. Sometimes we do need that though. To sit there in silence and just be there. There are times we have constructive arguements over life, kids and sometimes heated ones but that’s what makes a relationship.

Our first couple’s vacation in over a year. I swear its going on almost 2 years. When this was booked weeks ago I started planning. I was so excited about it. We organised the grandmother’s to have the kids for the few days we would be away. These included their school lunches and dinners for the nights we were not home. My 8yo thrives well on structure. Any slight change in his day to day routine will basically mess up the whole week. So the week before our getaway I had to tell him myself and his stepdad where going away for a few days. He wanted to know the where, what time I would leave, how many days and what time I would get back home details. I always have to be specific because if I get home 5 minutes late that doesn’t sit right with him. Anyway my son’s story is for another day.  Having this conversation with my son made me realise how much I was looking forward to just me and my bae’s quality time together. My bags were packed 3 days before we left and I swear everyday my partner was getting cheeky texts at work.


We had the most beautiful view where we stayed. This place is basically for a couple’s retreat. Waking up to sounds of the birds and watching the sunrise while having a cuppa and reading a book. That was life. This place is so serene. Just across the New South Wales border in the hinterland. You have beautiful mountain views and the drive up is so beautiful you even see the water. The bungalow is right at the edge so you don’t worry about people lurking at your windows and I made sure I took a nice relaxing spa bath every night which sometimes I had the view of wallabies and little rabbits.  This bungalow is the best place I have been this year. It is called Bungalow 6 if you ever need a getaway.


Ihad a few highlights of our baecation. One of which being our bungalow had a fireplace and this fireplace is double sided, We could sit by the fire in the lounge and if we wanted to have some adult time in the bedroom with the fire going, well we had that too. I almost felt like I was in one of those movies you watch when the couple is in a cabin and the spend all day in front of the fire with wine and food and literally naked haha.

Of all the things we did the best was our couple’s cooking lessons. Now don’t get me wrong, we can both cook but you can never know it all. We experienced flavours we weren’t familiar with and that is what we wanted so we could expand our food knowledge. My partner does all the cooking in our house. I know you probably thinking, wasn’t she on a cooking show hahaha. Yes and believe he always says that but he loves cooking and between you and me, he is the best cook in the house, The kids are biased when they say I am only because they only taste my food once in a while and we all know if you have never had it or havent in a minute, it tastes good.

We had our lessons with an amazing woman with an amazing personality from The Temple Door cooking school and if you ever down that way in NSW, honestly book a lesson. She does group sessions too. I am already planning a trip with girlfriends. What’s a trip without good food, wine and great conversation? 

Her website:



Well I had the best baecation and very much needed. My partner and I spent time talking, laughing. It so nice when you make that time to just listen to your other half. Reignite that candle or go to another level, you feel me? I highly recommend them baecations. I know not everyone can have them it not then maybe one night put the kids to bed. Set up something romantic for the 2 of you. Switch off the phones, and tv and just make time to listen and talk. Often some thing go unheard because we are super busy with life, kids and work. So make that time. You will both be happy. Listen to one another. I find its the most important thing in any relationship. When one doesnt feel heard then its not a healthy relationship.